Who is She?

Hello world!
My name is Rongpang which is short for Rongpangmenla Longchar, Yeah, i know that my name is as long as you’d want your orgasm to last . I never realized that i could use my name as a pun until i had to look for a witty username because “AYE_itsRongpang” was no longer trendy and the world had moved on, i needed to move on too(Desperately). The 11-year-old me never realized that this name could make a good user name or a blog name so i always wanted to change my name but its 2017 and here we are, so Thanks MOM & DAD.
i am the small town girl that you read about in books that just moved to a big city which isn’t New York ( though i wish it was) , But i moved to this city which is called Delhi and is also the capital of ignorant people , oops, sorry, I meant the capital of my Country . AUTO-CORRECT THESE DAYS .
I’ve always wanted to write and during my annoying wannabe-fashionista days i gave blogging a chance and i wrote about a lot of things which now make me cringe so I’d like to sincerely apologize if you have read it in the past or you’ve known me in that phase, i am SO SORRY . i hope you burn that memory of me writing cringe-worthy-wannabe-fashion-police posts like how you would want to burn your cheating ex’s house (You get the point). This decision took me 3 and a half years of contemplation and typing “How to blog” over a 100 times but i am glad i have decided to put myself out there again, it did take a lot of courage and also encouragement from the people who wanted to read what i had to say. I also write pretty decent breakup messages so if anyone wants to hire me,i am always up for earning a few extra bucks!.
I am also majoring in English and here is a FUN FACT : IT IS NOT EASY, i am going to be juggling my college assignments and this blog. On this blog i will document my style,what i wear to college on a daily basis and also my life in Delhi .
I’d like to inspire little girls someday and maybe this is a start.

See You Around!