Getting into Delhi University

My journey to Delhi University was definitely a rocky one, with the complicated new online process of registration and the Delhi university website crashing over and over again. When i finally got myself registered to the University and the cut offs were out, I realized  that i got in to Hans Raj college and that is the day i cried my eyes out Because i had never really heard much of the college and  i thought that it was the “Amity” of Delhi university. When i finally got to the college to get myself admitted, they rejected my scheduled tribe certificate because of the whitener i had used to correct my dad’s last name (which was stupid of me) and i had to get another one made from Nagaland and brought to Delhi which was a long process but my parents got it made (Yay Parents and all the Family members that helped). I  thought to myself that i could finally get myself admitted and get this over and done with but i thought WRONG!, The officials of the college rejected my certificate again because it said i belonged to the “ao” naga tribe in the certificate and i had to get another one made or get a signature  from one of the Naga officials that this tribe was a part of Nagaland and India. I tried explaining to them that it was a part of Nagaland because after all, the tribe i belonged to was one of the major tribes of The Nagas and that was how the Nagaland Government issued the certificates   but they refused to listen to me and just brushed me off by saying that they are not Naga Experts, at this point i was angry and frustrated at the ignorance of these qualified officials but i was not ready to go back without getting my admissions done at Hans Raj College.  After all the arguing and convincing, they finally opened the Wikipedia page and that’s when  they decided they would give me the stamp of approval. I finally got admitted to the college i had no idea about but i was proud of myself for challenging their ignorance. The least i would expect from  a reputed college is to have well informed officials who have also done their share of research about the minorities in the country because this is 2017.

But moving on, THE DAY had finally arrived and i had to go to college for the first time and I HATED IT . I hated college, the stares and the “which country are you from” questions, it was nothing like what the internet had lured me into thinking college was. WHAT A SCAM . I felt terribly alone and when i would go to the canteen and see people in groups, I’d tear up because i  missed my friends from back home. It was torture and it will be torture if you are like me and you’ve had your friends with you for 13 years and you’ve been home for almost your whole life but you will also blend in , LIKE I DID.  Hang in there and give the people around you a chance!,getting to know more people doesn’t mean you are replacing your old friends. I joined the creative writing society in college and met new people but also i was in a bad place at the time so i wasn’t involved much. i would  usually just sit alone in the canteen,listen to music and sometimes look around if a cute boy passed me but rarely happened. Talking about cute boys in my college, they are very rare and almost all of them love rajma chawal more than leg day.

I think i expected too much from college and that led to my disappointment ( like how i expected my relationship to work out)  and my first year being very crappy but nonetheless i am excited for my second year!